Wednesday, February 25, 2009

You can do it, I only have a Bachlors Degree in art so I do not know anything....

So, my mother's church wants me to do a project for them( of course NON paying project) and I was to meet with the coordinator before class yesterday. I scheduled and set the meeting with "Lady X" and "Father Y" and we met briefly about the project. "Lady X" is an over-zealous know it control freak and "Father Y" is a very nice Priest at the un-named church. They want to put together several projects and document them in a brochure and press kit so they can increase membership and gain attention from the Archdiacies of D.C. So we are there discussing the project, getting an Idea of how things should be done, and I am doing some mock-ups on the laptop using Adobe Illustrator( a professional graphics program). So I swing around my thoughts and she then says "Well, I had visioned something else" and she pulls out these drawings on lined paper that she did with her daughter's crayolas.

I am clearly a hijab wearing Muslimah, sitting with a very nice Priest with whom I could see me befriending. He and I exchange looks as she unveils her masterpiece which gives a child's drawing a bad name. I listen, and explain why it is not a professional look to do a brochure in the paint program that comes free on your basic computer. We get into a very heated dialog and then she says very coldly, "Well I think I wil do it myself and I am sure I will get a better product".

I am sorry, but sister-girl needed to get it- I said, "That is fine, you can do whatever you want. It is clearly the diseasion of the church and it's members. I am sure the church would like to have a professional looking product, and if you think you can deliver that over me than I am woman enough to step back and let you handle it. I only have had 14plus years training and experiance. I only have a Bachlors of Fine Arts degree and work experiance at The National Archives, doing a project very simular to this one that is still being used and duplucated today. I am sure you are better skilled with your crayola special on lined paper than I. So I will not waste your time with my trivial ideas. Please excuse me Father, but I am not about to sit here and be insulted by Ms Kindergarden Art when I have other things to do. Good day and my best regards for your upcoming project."

Why do people think that if they are crafty at scrapbooking and knitting they can do art. Art is not that easy, it takes years of study and practice to be able to do things on purpose. There is more to it than microsoft clip art. I guess people who go to school for art have a degree equvialent to basket weaving. I guess I wasted my life learnig the methods and proper design concepts. Why do people think that they can watch some online tutorials and call themselves whatever! IT IS THE FAULT OF THAT DAG-ON EXPERT VILLAGE AND YOUTUBE!

I don't think I have ever seen a pissed Priest before but that guy was LIVID and boy I wish I could have been a fly on the wall when he discussed the events of the meeting with the other Priests of said church. Wow! That was something special. She needs to give up her crayola's for lent, LOL. Question- Are Priests supposed to cuss? I thought they took a no cussing vow along with the vow of poverty.


Amina said...

I can't believe how rude and unprofessional the lady was.
I think you handled the situation very well!

Hijabi Apprentice said...

Wow! She needs to do 5 Hail Marys 3 Our Fathers and sit down!