Thursday, April 23, 2009

Do people really think they can say anything to others....Really?!?!?!?

So....I have been incognito due to other family issues that really should put me on one those moods that I would feel compelled to share my misery around the world. Over the last 2 weeks I have noticed all types of shenanigans going on in my environment, almost like Shayton (Then Devil) is attempting to trap me into some corner so I can come out swinging. I have chosen to take the high road, however my patience has run thin. Lets begin with these strange antics...

***Someone stole my son's torn, ripped and basically destroyed Spiderman Bookbag from school ( I am not paranoid, it was stolen because all of his things were thrown in the bottom of the cubby)... So my mother (The devout Catholic who sprays random people in the face with holy water while cursing) goes in to the school and performs and all I said was, "Maybe the other person needed that bag more than he did.." She shot me a look and then I knew just to keep my opinion to myself. He got another bookbag on Monday and she makes sure it comes home every day.

***On the way into the driveway one weekend afternoon, I pulled my car over, with my right turn signal on and then followed that signal with blinkers. This crazy white woman in this hillbilly pick-up was right on my tail and almost hit me in the back, which automatically makes HER she drives around me after laying on her horn and then gives ME the finger...So the entire time I am like, what just happened here and how did I deserve that? I guess I would have been wrong if I decided to follow her down the street and return the I took the high road.

***Yesterday, after our class plans for the day had been turned upside down by some of the other instructors we were cleaning up the classroom. One of my class mates starts saying, "I don't have time to clean up I need to go home to my child" (This girl came into class with an attitude...) So the other classmates chime in on how they have this and that... and I am sitting there thinking...these chain of events is getting old and I am getting irritated by selfish people who are self centered, rude and childish. I started to think about the fact that I have not spent a night alone with my husband in months, my son is acting out in school because he refuses to go to bed before I get home, I have a mother with cancer who helps me but I think at the end of the day I her more, I have to figure out how to pay my bills and help with my families bills on a part-time salary, I do not think I have slept a full 6 hours since the start of 2009...I can go on and on.... So I say "We are all stressed, we need the upcoming break to regroup." Then this Woman in Child's behavior says "Nothing ever bothers you, you must not have any feelings."

SO...My face frowned, and my mind was saying remember that you said this year you would attempt to do a better job of thinking through what you say... So I said "No, things bother me, I just know that if I moan and groan it doesn't help, I have other things that I need to do with my time and I put on my BIG GIRL DRAWS on and get busy...So maybe you should change OUT OF YOUR DORA PULL UP and stop crying all the damn time and maybe you will be blessed with some reprieve...and you should really mind what you say to people because maybe you will prove how simple minded and selfish you are instead of them assuming that is the way you are...."

It felt good even if it may have been wrong to say...however it was needed...

I spent the morning watching rude people on the metro. Is this what this world is coming to...people who travel in their own worlds who do not realize that we are all connected and a few moments of common courtesy and human decency would take you farther than your behavior right now. I am so moving to my private island sooner than later....