Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Thanks Soror for the Henna Paranoia

My Friend and Soror said this weekend to a group of us, "I don't get henna on the outside of my hand because it draws too much attention..." And so a group of us looked at her like she was crazy. Well....Thanks Soror for the paranoia...I went to Starbucks yesterday and today each time having a new discussion about the floral designs on my hand, and I was being reserved and only got 1 design. Next time I think I will do the inside of my hand and arm instead. I guess my deen is growing because I got really annoyed when I was asked about the henna. Before I would have liked the attention.

Vit. B Shot for my deen

This weekend I went to Masjid As-Saffat's Women's Conference in Baltimore. Last years conference was kind of wack but this year was alhamdulillah! I enjoyed myself to the fullest! I shopped, I ate good seafood and I had a good time with friends all while I was getting reacquainted with the deen al-haqq..... I have never had thoughts of reversion back to jahiliah but I have been backsliding a little on prayer and my responsibility to the community and my family. My kids are not going to an Islamic school right now so I NEED TO GET BACK INTO BEING THEIR FIRST TEACHER IN ISLAM. This weekend gave me the boost and redirection back on the straight course. The sessions were so good and this year they did a recording of all of the session so you can listen to them all. Watch out world here come some empowered Muslimah's. As women we are the back bone to the community so if we are weak our community will be weak to...

Here are a few things that I was reminded of:

~The last third of the night is the best time to make duaa because Allah ta ala ascends to the lowest heaven and their are hadiths that say that duaas made during this time are usually granted.

~Sunnah prayers after the Fard Salat count toward making up missed prayers.

Hopefully this renewed thirst for knowledge will last will last.