Saturday, September 22, 2007


Alhamduliallah, as I prepare soohor for my family I must remember all of the blessings I have in my life. We are going through a slight jihad with my mother's health but, Allah knows best and everything happens for a reason. She is feeling and looking better, so I must be thankful of that. I also am blessed/cursed with a husband who will go to work and be a disciplinarian for the children, and at the same time get on the last nerves of my body that I did not know existed. I also have 2 precious children who are having a party today, I think that they are so adorable. Allah made them cute so that I won't give them away after ruining, breaking or tearing up something of mine or my husbands. I have a huge extended family on both sides. I have a circle of TRUE friends and they are also my family. So all in all I am truly blessed and highly favored. Alhamduliallah!

Friday, September 21, 2007


Ramadan Mubarak All,

I was sent a link to an interesting article about Imam Musa of Masjid Al-Islam. I have posted the link to the article below. This article is typical of the shenanigans of the US Government when it comes to free speech. Though some may not agree with what and how he gives his opinion, It is his American Born right and freedom to say what he wants to say. Until the Government takes away our rights to free speech and freedom of religion they just have to deal with it. Like some folks say "What you gonna do, deport me to South Carolina?"

By the Way, I WORE BLACK YESTERDAY, AND I CAN COUNT ON MY FINGERS HOW MANY PEOPLE I SAW WEARING BLACK.....Dag, why can't black folks get it together in the DC Area. Over 70,000 people went to Jena and participated in a peaceful demonstration and these black folks in DC Couldn't even wear black clothes.....I am now disgruntled with ya'll.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


This is the every once in a while happy post. I am excited to start the fast today even though as soon as the sun was up I had an unbelievable thirst that has made my mouth dry ever since. I am a get with, so I am going to attempt to blog everyday during Ramadan. This morning when I was on the Metro. I zoned out and thought of all the blessings that are ahead this month. Insha'Allah everyone will have a wonderful Ramadan. I have planned for many nights at home with the family discussing Islam and our love for Allah ta ala. I think that my current mood is REALLY unusual because we are fasting longer than ever before and I am still excited. I guess that shows my growth in the deen. Last year, I was trippin' about fasting until about 6ish and this year we are fasting until 7:30ish. Allah said that we would fast in all seasons, so insha'Allah we will have the will power when the fast makes it to the summer months and we are fasting from 5ish in the am until after 9pm. We will see.

~May Allah ta ala accept our fast, forgive us for our sins in the past and mold us into better Muslims that more obedient to Him. Ameen

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I HATE THIEVES. The qu'ran says we should cut off their hands, and I agree. About 4 months ago someone tried to steal my car. This was a day when I was already late for work and I ended up missing the day, AND the Baltimore Police gave me a ticket for me not having the front tag attached to the car. So fast forward...I have a fancy alarm system, but someone was able to break the door again on the car and now the door needs to be replaced. Just a warning, if I see someone by my car that has no business being there. I am going to get my son, who thinks he is an attack dog, to KICK THEIR BUTT! Just angry, and I wanted everyone to know!


On the eve of the holy month of Ramadan, I overheard a lady in the elevator talking about a crime that happened in West Virginia last week. A young BLACK woman in her early 20's was abducted and brutally assaulted and raped by some SICK European-Americans. As I read the article about the attack all I could think of is the movies we were shown when we were about Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. Is this what the freedom fighters and revolutionaries fought for? Why did black people become complacent with chasing the almighty dollar, that they stopped demanding respect? The "Baby Boomers" dropped the ball. It is amazing that in the 70's when the revolution was not televised and Black Folks were active in their community, drugs were introduced by hippies into the black community. WAKE UP BLACK PEOPLE! We are being poisoned by drugs, bling-bling and stupid songs that degrade us as people. We are doing the damage to ourselves and being selfish in the process. GET UP AND DO SOMETHING! DEMAND CHANGE! See the article below and get mad too......,2933,296346,00.html

Friday, September 7, 2007


This is long so get comfortable.

WOW! Yesterday, I had a hellacious experience on METRO. So hellacious that I had to wait a full 24 hours before I could even speak about it. I have a new root on the red line now, since my children are going to a new school. (Yes, My life does revolve around my kids.) Anyway, I get on the train and pull out my new book to dig in a read when the train operator says, "Due to a Police Incident between the Bethesda and Medical Center stations this train will STOP AND UNLOAD AND TURN AROUND IN THE OTHER DIRECTION AT FRIENDSHIP HEIGHTS. Shuttle buses have been established. This train will unload at Friendship Heights where you will receive further instructions." So, the entire train car came a buzz. Now we are all scared and hesitant to do anything.

So the train unloads us at Friendship Heights and we all scurry about. ( Now remember, I wear hijab, which is important for later in the post to have everything in proper perspective.) So we exit the station and go outside. If it wasn't for the fact that I had to get home to my family, I would have stayed at Friendship Heights and eaten at the Cheesecake Factory. So I am now outside in the crowd with pushy business men and women, students and others all sweating like a pig in the swamp. We are going from bus to bus all confused and rushing, trying to ask what is the next thing to do. (You know there wasn't a soul from METRO out there to give any directions) I finally board a Metro Bus labeled "SPECIAL", which should have indicated that something wasn't quite right. As we board the bus there were some Latino gentlemen who let the ladies sit, including me. We began to chatter about the events and remarked about the lack of communication on the part of Metro. All of a sudden we hear the bus driver say "THIS IS SOME B#$L SH*T AND I AM NOT F#%kING DRIVING ANYWHERE ELSE!". All of a sudden the bus shut 0ff and an instant heat wave came across the bus. We were sweating on that thing for 10 minutes until another pair of drivers took pity on the dripping, sweaty,tired souls on the bus.

We were finally off to the Grovesner Metro Station. We rode with everyone looking on blackberries, trios and iPhones to get a snippet of information. Apparently some FOOL was breaking into cars during rush hour and got caught and ran into the metro station and was hiding in the tunnels. So they stopped the service of the trains and inconvenienced law abiding citizens. As we all began to discuss better options for resolve someone says (here it comes y'all), "Maybe the guy was a TERRORIST AND HAD A BOMB IN THE TUNNEL. " Then several people began to chime in on the rationalization behind this incredible debacle of an adventure, and the lady's idea. Some folks had the same dumbfounded face I had . So the lady who made the terrorist comment asked me what I thought. Then all of a sudden all eyes were on me, the MUSLIM. I replied, "About what?" Hoping she was not talking to me. Then she says about her comment about the terrorist. (Watch out, for those who don't know I have a low tolerance for idiocy, and share my opinion bluntly) So I reply "I think that is the most stupid and ridiculous thing said today , outside of the decision to inconvenience law abiding citizens by stopping train service because of an idiot thief. And, why do you care what I think, I wasn't talking to you or even acknowledging your retarded statement. You think, because I am a Muslim, I care or want to defend terrorism. Do you think I am an expert? Maybe you think I may know that guy. You know we all look alike. You are the terrorist, you are terrorising me on my way home from a very long and tiring day." What I really wanted to say, I could not because I did not want to give anymore fuel to stereotypes. As she turned BEAT red, she said, "I did not mean anything by it, I know your people get offended and I want you to feel comfortable." Did I have a look like -please bother me? But I had to ask her "My people who? Black People or Muslims? Why would you go out of your way to pull me into a conversation that I was not engaging? Why do you feel obligated to make me feel comfortable if you did not mean anything by your statement. If that is the way you feel so be it. I am not sorry in the least about saying your comment was stupid and I care even less about how you feel about it. I have a favorite quote" It is better for people to think you are stupid than for you to open your mouth and remove all doubt"

Just then, the nice gentlemen behind me, who I was chatting with before I got pulled into this debate of wit verses the idiot says "Lady. just stop talking you sound dumber by the minute." Most of the bus laughed. When we got off the bus at the corner, since the bus driver missed his turn, I chatted with several passengers on the way down the hill about the conversation. Most of them black people who liked the way I handled that lady. I think that we should handle these folks intelligently and calmly. It made me feel better to see her get frustrated because she did not have a cheering section, and she was to the world and I hope people on the bus see you again and pass you by on the street and ask you how you feel about the The Klu Klux Klan and Jim Crow.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Jena 6

Over the last 3 weeks I have listened to the Michael Baiden show to get updates about the Jena 6 story, since all that is on the TV is about Michael Vick and the dogs. I kept thinking what about me, what could I do. What are we going to stand up for. Here are 6 young black men,steadily getting their lives ruined and we are talking about Michael Vick? Sorry PETA, but why do we care more about dogs than people. That sounds reminiscent to the days of slavery when the horses and pets got fed before "the negras". DOES ANYONE ELSE SEE THE PROBLEM! We Black folks are regressing to the days of slavery with no one to blame but us! We won't even support people that look like us. That is a shame. Well I am supporting the families of the boys and anyone who has an organized effort for support. That could be my son in a few years. Why don't we stand up. Either you stand up for something or you will stand for nothing. So those of you who don't care or say it doesn't have anything to do with me, don't complain when your son or brother gets hung from a tree. WAKE UP!

For those who want more information , please see the links below.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

What is going on BLACK PEOPLE

I was just searching amazon to see what is new and the link for Amy Winehouse's album came up. (That's the chick that sings the song "Rehab") One morning as I was getting ready for work, her video came on VH1. I jammed to it for a minute and then I realized she was saying "My daddy wants me to go to rehab I said no, no, no" OK, Here is my boggle. Why is that crap listed as R&B. OK, I will clam Macy Gray because she is eccentric, but that song "Rehab" is some garbage too rotten for the trash can. As I was getting ready to turn the channel, my 5 year old came in and picked up the catchy tune.

Me being and Artist, I do not believe in censorship. But there is a level of responsibility of folks to produce thought provoking lyrics. Its OK for her to sing that crap, it should be reduced to the after dark special that is aired to late for people to care. Then she will be put in the R&B category of Trick Daddy and Luke. WHY IS IT THAT ANYTHING NEGATIVE IS CLASSIFIED IN THE BLACK AREA. What ever happened to the rap and R&B that was thought provoking. Michael Jackson was put into the Pop genre before he started being weird and then he was added into the R&B Category. We need to stand up BLACK FOLKS and make people produce things which we would be proud of......That is my morning boggle.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Feeding Frenzie

WOW! We went to Fudrucker's in China Town for Lunch yesterday. Can I say, never again! I will never go to Chinatown for lunch between 11-1pm. As I waited for my fish and chips, which ended up being less than impressive, I watched the people interacting with each other. It was like feeding time at the zoo. Folks were shoving and pushing and squeezing through other people with-out regard for anyone else. PLUS, there was a group of guys, holding bicycle wheels just sitting at tables and not eating anything. I WAS IRRITATED! I loathe rude and pushy people... SO I will stick to the uptown lunch specialty stores.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

If Another Person Asks Me If I Am Muslim!!! Just sell me some incense!

Once a week I get the question, "Are You Muslim?". Then the second set of questions all revolve around where I am from, where my parents are from and then are my parents Muslim. Oh and don't forget "What is your name?" Like I am impersonating a Muslim WOMAN? Like a name validates your religious beliefs I still can not see the relevance in any of the second set of questions, and I am also appalled at the first question. I am a Muslim woman who wears hijab/head cover daily. I can understand if someone sees a woman in a bun style wrap, because it is a fashion statement in some cases, and I do rock my bun at the beach. Any American who has a television and any person from another country with a television or a newspaper knows that when you see someone with a hijab wrapped around the neck..IS A MUSLIM!!!!!!!

What person who is not Muslim would wear hijab on a 94degree day, and risk people being rude and judgemental jsut 'cause. Now, this brings me to the issue. The other weekend I was in the mall with my girlfriend and we stopped at a vendor. She was obviously from a country which has Muslims. Both my friend and I were covered in the traditional hijab. My girlfriend asked the young lady, "How much for your incense?" She then replied, looking at both of us, "Are you Muslim?" We said yes, and then here is her STUPID STATEMENT. "Where are you from? I have never seen Muslims here in America before."

This chick must be STUPID WOW!!!!!!!!!! Now, why are black American Muslims always questioned about genealogy? Like that is a criteria for any religion. Nobody is asking Madonna who in her family is a Kabalist, so why does it matter that my parents are catholic native born black folks with roots in the south. Islam is a religion and a way of life not a legacy!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


How come, when you get on the train in the summertime you have to pray that the air conditioning, elevators and escalators are working. Please let me understand how the rich are getting richer and metro can't make sure that all of the cars that are in service have properly operating systems. Do you know how annoying it is to get on the Metro car after a long day at work and realize that it is cooler outside than it is on the metro that I am paying $4.00 to ride on. AND...People do not smell very nice when it is hot. So another miserable ride home. :(

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Wow, this morning on the Metro was so much better this morning. But I did not get my free ride home that they advertised. I got jipped out of my 3.65...But I'll let them have it. Maybe that can help them fix the air conditioning on the cars. I rode home hot 3 days in a row.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

More METRO Antics

As I arrived to the Greenbelt Metro Station at 7:30, I was elated that I made it to the Metro early. I walked to the platform to see about 200 people waiting for the train. There was a problem at the West Hyattsville Station. So once the train arrived I waited patiently for the train to stop and the doors to open. As the doors opened, I was pushed by a mob of people to get in the train. I sat in the first seat I saw. I looked around the train, there was not one seat open. As we pulled into College Park, it looked just like Greenbelt. So as we went through the rest of the stops more people filled the train until we stooped at Columbia Heights. At this time, there is a short, chubby lady standing in front of me, and as the people squeezed in the train her face was very displeased.

She says to me " I know these people are not trying to push me, I'm gonna push back in a minute." She proceeded to push back as the doors closing announcement came on. One good shove and a small Asian woman and a tall slim man were pushed off and the doors slammed in their face. We laughed all the way to Gallery Place. I needed that laugh this morning.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Green Chaser

One of my famous observations....I was riding on metro this afternoon and I was pooped. I nodded for a short spell. Thankfully I was unable to get into a deep sleep because I am a light sleeper, but for a quick second, I was extremely tired. I was awaken by one of my friends calling me on my cell. As I said, I'll call you when I get off the train, I paned the view of my fellow train riders. Out of about 30 people on the car with me, 75% of them were either nodding or they were just plain asleep.

Here is the deep thought...WAIT...We were all coming home from work! There were people of all walks of life on the train with me. I was in the company of Nurses, soldiers, construction workers, office workers, senior citizens and students. The only section of folks that I mentioned that were all wake were the two senior citizens that were just leaving home to go and play bingo. Out of all of the previously named folks, a good percentage of people, like me, were in the sleepy trance. What does that say about the society? We are all so focused on chasing the green that folds, we are not getting enough rest. The invention of the television, video games, the large homes we can't afford etc. are all to blame for the lack of sleep and rest in America. This is only my humble opinion. I know that I was up late, watch a made for TV movie staring every one's favorite former DIVA Delta Burke. The movie was horrible but I could not stop watch, now that is mind control!

So I say all that to say, please pray that the TV Producers add a subliminal message that can actually help us, for the better, not to go to the dark side. I wish I could say that I am going to protest TV, but, I am also under control.......Please help us...

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Today is Thursday

Hurray for Thursday, my Friday............That is the only wonderful thing about Thursday...I can sleep in on Friday. Except I have a husband who swears that he can not do anything for himself or anyone else for that manner. When we met he had the cleanest house I have ever seen. Now that we have been married, for almost 6 years, he pretends like house-hold cleaning products are the plague. That's a man, conveniently forget all that we know about domestic affairs...

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

How To Get Annoyed in 15 minutes

Well , this morning was one of those, don't bother me mornings, and after 5 minutes of being on the metro I was so irritated that I could not stand myself. I get on at the first stop of the train. I always sit in the same spot every morning and see the same people. Well today, since I decided to sleep in, I was on a later train, which was not crowed at all. I sat in my usual seat, and was very comfortable. A well dressed, 400lb woman got on and sat next to me. Any other day, when I am on a crowded train, there would not be a problem. But when she sat next to me, my size 20 hips and her unknown largeness began to war on the arm rests of the seats.

Being polite, I waited a stop or two then I got up to stand. It made no sense to me to sit there and have the circulation of my right leg, cut off because I was there first. So she says to me, "Honey, you did not have to get up! I don't stink." Now mind you, I have said nothing to her, I just wanted to stand to let the blood return to the foot that had been starving for oxygen. So I said, " I needed to stand, my foot fell asleep, sorry if you thought I was being rude. " I know a hijab wearing Muslim women is always under a microscope for anything to be negative on Islam, and If she had left the conversation at that, we would have been fine. But it is Wednesday and she must have been mad because she had her own issues... So she says back to me " If I were you, I would be glad that someone wanted to sit next to me and not be afraid that you were going to blow them-up. " At this point, you could have fried your breakfast on my head...I simply said, there is not enough C-4 in the world that could do anything but give you a slight rash." The doors opened and I got off the train and walked into work. See she started it...

I should get on tomorrow at the same time to finish our conversation.....Why do people have to go there. I am black women, why do people always assume that any Muslim is a terrorist. She was the one who terrorized me...

Thanks for the mass hysteria, Mr.. Bush!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


I need my coffee fix. I get as much free coffee as I want, why do I still go down to 5bucks.....

I am so blah......I need to go to see a someone and lay on a coutch to talk about this addiction....


Less than 10 minutes ago I had a beautiful, energetic and thoughtful blog as my first entry into this addictive hobby,( it was about what other people around the world are doing right now) then the dag-on computer crashed......................................arg.........The thrill is gone, deep thoughts come to me in spirts.....

What would happen if the Matrix came true...then I would be up the creek because I am in need of constant spell check......And I would not be able to use the phone because I would not know anyone's phone number unless I had my blackberry....I am a techno I am deppressed. I need my liquid stimulant (venti caramel latte). Anyone ever thought to protest the cost of these coffee bars...I have no will power, so I can not....but someone needs to do it. $5 FOR A CUP OF COFFEE THAT COSTS .75 TO MAKE IT, I AM SUCH A SUCKER.......