Tuesday, December 29, 2009


It is so close to 2010 that I can smell it. My husband and I were discussing future goals and attempting to get ready for the new year. My mother told me that whatever you do on New Year's Day you will do for the rest of the year...Well, I am getting busy and focusing on Sankofa. Sankofa which is an Adinkra symbol meaning "Return and Get It". The meaning is special to me because of one lady that I know who taught this principle at Friendly High School where I served a sentence as a high-school art teacher for 6 1/2 years(which incidentally made me quit teaching all together). Anyone who knows me well knows that I am not the sentimental type but this image has been popping up in my head lately and I am in need of going back and regrouping from the successful leaders from the past...So in 2010 I am reinventing, remolding and restructuring myself. Anyone else down?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

More for the Metro

Recently, stupid people have been overflowing the metro with their extreme dumbness. When the chimes ring...and the lady says doors closing...that does not mean to run and squeeze your fat keister into the door... I have personally witness in the last week 7 people doing this. Now, metro riders- we do know that if the doors get jammed because your stupid tail squeezes in or the doors can't close because your body was the one that made the train overflow- WE ALL GET TO BE LATE TO WORK BECAUSE THEY OFFLOAD THE ENTIRE TRAIN. Offloading for those who do not know, takes 10 minutes. First they make you get off, then they walk the entire train to be sure no one else is on, then we get to stand out in the cold and wait for the next over-crowed train to come and do this dance all over again.

Now for the Funny-
This morning, at Union Station, this STUPID OVER 40 FAT WOMAN- (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) squeezes on to the train and pushes everyone who is standing forward. There was a woman who almost fell in the process. Miss FAT over 40, then says "Everyone needs to suck it in because I am pressed against the cold door." You know me, I said to her-"Maybe we have 1 too many people on this car." The train car was immediately in an uproar of laughter, as this woman give me the evil eye. She must not know that all Hijab wearing Muslimah's have not always been the pious looking Muslimah's and I was raised in the city of cuss you out on demand. She continued her evil stares until I said to her "Honey, Do NOT let this scarf fool you." With my DC "GRIT STARE" and eye roll. I know, I should be sorry, but as Steve Harvey says" He ain't through with me yet" I wonder if the people who push the folks on the trains in Japan get the evil eye from the squashed passengers?