Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Random Wednesday, I was hired to do makeup on Saturday and it was AWESOME!!!! I was hired again on Sunday so I went and it was not so awesome. Ok...Why is it people sware they can do what I do and they want to tell me how to do what I do, but they don't do it themselves?!?!?!

One of my clients asked for a full face- for those who do not know that means that is foundation and concealer, eyes with lashes, blush, lips and finishing powder... So I asked where can I set up and I was laying everything out. For those who do not know, you are supposed to have a clean area, with all of your products laid out and placed in a way where they are within arms reach of you...

So I started with the no brainers- Alcohol in the spray bottle, hand sanitizer, tissues, cotton swabs, cotton round pads, brush cleaner, foam pads and triangles...and then I started laying out the colors. So her sister was there, she was supposed to be a self proclaimed fashionista-and I do mean self proclaimed and she proceeds to touch and handle everything..and then she started digging in the my bags of colors that I have labeled and separated by color, type and brand-

Now I know I can be sensitive but-So I said to her sister, you are welcome to VIEW the colors and not touch them then this chick starts putting her hands all on everything and trying on colors...I was like uh excuse me, but I need you to stop that.

So the makeup took twice as long because I had to spray or wipe everything down. Then she was super critical of everything and was watching me like a hawk. I am an artist and I can paint on canvas and make it look very realistic, I think I can handle covering acne and putting colors on eyes. Needless to say her sister was pleased and the old girl hopped her big self in the chair and was like I am next...So being me, I did her face too.

Moral of the story- Keep your fat fingers off peoples makeup or catch the beat down!

The bought lost of product and end the end I was very happy...

~The end