Wednesday, June 17, 2009

You never know...

You never know who you will meet. The other day I took the bust to Georgetown to meet some friends. I saw a lady who sat across from me and she was I was a little irritated. Then the lady asked me where I got my hijab. I guess I had a strange look because she then informed me that she was in the process of reverting to Islam and needed to get hijabs that were nice so she could wear them to work. So what do you say to that? I gave her my card and wrote Sister Jennah's website on the back. Then I shared my reversion story and told her to call me whenever she wanted to chat or have a jummah prayer buddy.

Who'd a thunk it...You never know when your smile might be encouragement for a new Muslim or an invitation to the deen...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Relections in A Minor

So...with my schedule so hectic I never find the time to really get into a quality blog cycle, LOL, But here goes my attempt. Lately I have been rather melancholy and I think it is due to me getting to be older and wiser or, I am slowly dying from "the lack of sleep" disease since school started. I was watching "August Rush" today and yesterday I watched "The Happening". They were both excellent thought provoking movies. It is amazing how we human beings are so self-centered and are very rarely humbled by the unexplained phenomenon of life. Not many people think the unexplained is an act of mercy from the higher power, and I am curious to know why?

God created us to serve and worship him. I believe part of that worship is to take care of his creations, all of them. I can be very crude, harsh and direct sometimes but I have never willingly taken advantage of someone or been a blatant destroyer of things. In "The Happening" the common theme was to take care of the earth or it will destroy you. In "August Rush" the common theme was to have faith and all things will fall in place. Here is my question. Where are all of these feel good people and why don't I encounter them very often?

Daily I am encountered by people who's favorite topic is themselves. I am not that interested in them so why am I forced to discuss you and your issues- ALL THE TIME. I have things I like to discuss, mostly not about myself. I enjoy an occasional genuine, what are you feeling conversation.

The entire theme of energy in "The Happening" is so deep(seriously). I can be in a wonderful mood and someone with nasty energy can come in and it takes me a good 10 minutes to shake that bad vibration. I am currently in an industry that will not allow me to have negative thoughts while I am working on clients. I think that is why they like my services. I think that since I am thinking of positive thoughts and feelings I am passing along these vibes to my clients and I like the way we both feel in the end.

Maybe, someone else needs to rent those movies and tell me if I am crazy for feeling personally effected by them.