Tuesday, April 8, 2008

New Group Site for Muslimah's

Hey Sisters,

There is a new site for Muslimah's to learn and share information about the Deen-Al-Haqq. It is for Sisters only, sorry fellas. Here is the link to request to join. Its small now but just imagine what it will be like soon!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Another Soap Box Blog

I was listening to the Russ Parr Show this morning. They were discussing the educational system of the US. We do not have to be rocket scientists to see that there is a problem all over the Continental US with our educational system. As a former teacher and a current parent I can not begin to discuss what the brilliant idea for repairing the school system should be. BUT! There was a dude that called into the show that was a complete idiot. He said something like... if the students were not doing well in High School courses like chemistry and algebra they should be transferred into trade schools. WELL MR ELITIST! I WAS A VERY POOR STUDENT IN THE 9TH GRADE AND I AM NOW A COLLEGE GRAD AND HAVE DONE VERY WELL. HOW DARE YOU!!!!!! You condemn the school system and then punish people who suffer the consequences of the poor educational brand of the US. WOW....That made me so angry! Well, Mr. put every dumb kid out of school and enroll them in trade school, I did poorly in algebra and chemistry, so I guess I should be a carpenter like Jesus and not aspire for greatness. Isn't that what the Malcolm X's teacher told him...what makes you any different from any other racist person in the world....

I think anyone with the "BALLS" to go into a high school and work hard to finish with a diploma weather an -A student or a -D student should have the opportunity to finish. I know that this waist of DNA is not alone in his for all of you believers of the "Talented 10th" need to find an island.

Here is a tip! If you teach these students life skills and encourage them maybe they will find the energy to care about learning despite the fact that most of the community members only care that the kids in the neighborhood don't destroy their personal property. Lets teach these kids some business savvy skills that they can use instead of them learning how to run the local street pharmacy. Maybe someone should take some time to invest in our future. Maybe I will since not too many people care enough that this is a generation of the next professionals like doctors, lawyers, computer specialists, artists etc.....This is how we got George re-elected. Because not enough people care..........

So Mr ELITIST take that!