Monday, December 1, 2008

Why Part 2-

These are my opinions- disclaimer-LOL

Every now and then I see Muslims on METRO or in the community at various places and they do not seem very happy. I know this may seem like a cliche but what happened to the Sadaqa of a smile...Most of the time I see Muslimah's (Because most of the time the Muslim walk around looking like everyone else, so I do not know who is who until they give Salaams-that is another subject) walking around looking so "oppressed" for a lack of a better word. Then someone see's me and I usually try to smile, even when I don't feel like it, and then they usually ask me if they can ask me a question. Most of the time the question is about Hijab( head cover) or Niqqab (face cover) but the second question usually comes about why we look so sad and "oppressed".

Here is my thought on that...A smile is considered sadaqa (charity), I know I am not in a position to give financially as much as I want to right now but I always have a smile to give. Even when you are in a nasty, bad and irritated mood you have to return a smile for a smile. My daughter reminds me of that all the time. So SISTERS, SMILE sometimes.

The next question most popular question is why are American Muslims so poor...I am not poor by any means and it has nothing to do with money. I have been blessed repeatedly and I continue to be blessed by Allah...I have a lot to smile about. But it is the Sunnah to be clean and neat. WHO SAID IS WAS ISLAMIC TO WALK AROUND LOOKING LIKE WHO DONE IT...Jelbab all dirty and torn, Sisters walking around with filthy children speaking in Arabic to them and yelling, Sisters all covered and as nasty as you please. What happened to taking pride in how you look? I am not saying every woman should walk around attracting attention to themselves. There is nothing wrong with wearing an all black jelbab and hijab/niqqab and guarding your gaze but...who said it was cool to be tattered and torn. I had a sister tell me that I was too worldly because I did not want a jelbab that I had for a long time because it was raggedy at the bottom, and I should be grateful to have any clothing at all...

Well this is what I said to her and this is what I say to anyone who asks...It is Sunnah to want the best in this life and the next. You don't get extra points towards entrance to heaven because your acting all poor and third world...only giving your children raw veggies to eat AND sending your kids out hungry and then they end up begging other people in the neighborhood for food...or if your child looses a shoe, you refuse to buy the child new shoes and make them go in the winter in flip-flops...or choosing to take a Qu'ran class and leave them in the car outside of the masjid because you can not afford a babysitter...Home schooling your children and treating them like small adults and not allowing them to be children...

You know what that says to non-Muslims...I do not want to be no Muuslim if they live like that! So tell me, those who claim to be better than me because I like to wear lip gloss and bright colored clothing....What do you think will be judged harsher on the day of judgement...the turning off of the Deen people by your actions or my lip gloss?!?!?!

Islam is a simple way of life, we humans make it harder than it has to be. We have a guide The Qu'ran and we have the best example The Prophet-salahi was salaam- why do we need to put unrealistic restraints on ourselves.