Tuesday, December 30, 2008

OK...Here are my BOGGLES of the day

Why do people get on crowed elevators with Body Odor?!?!?!And then look around like everyone else when someone says "Hey something really smells.." And then suddenly the air clears when the stinky one gets off on their floor and the air clears!?!?! IF YOU STINK...TAKE THE STAIRS!!!

Why do people take advantage of "Jeans Day" at work and then come to work looking a hot mess...and why do people wear jeans with tight shirts and sweaters and they have an over baked muffin top rolling over their belts...AND WHY DO THEY PULL THOSE BELTS SO TIGHT IN THE FIRST PLACE...

Why do people still get dressed in a bathroom stall at the gym? No one is looking at you dress!?!?!

How come when people who you are talking to stop talking back, do you still keep talking?!?!?

Why do people put purses in the only seat on the Metro and then catch an attitude when someone asks them to move it so they can sit down??!?!?

Why do people still wear white eyeliner?!?!?

Why do people wear false eyelashes and then do not do their hair??????

Why do people still outline their lips with black eyeliner and then add a thick layer of Vaseline for the sheen?!?!?!? Makes me want to ask where is the greasy fried chicken?????

Why do people wear wigs that look like a cat with the mange or a sponge...?

Why do people draw their eyebrows on with a ruler...MAKING 2 DASHES ON THEIR FOREHEAD, BUT do not shave the real eyebrows off?!?!! Who do u think your fooling?!?!

What happened to moaners?


Amina said...

great questions!!!
i am adding one:
why do girls put on make up before working out when it's an all women gym?

why are some black women still wearing black eyeliner as a lipliner?