Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The State of Our Community


Why do black girls think it is cute to be loud and crude in public? Who said that was even a little bit cute? I would break my foot off in my daughter if I caught her acting like that in public...I am not saying I was perfect when I was a teenager, but I knew when and where to show my tail and get ugly. Yeah we usta fight on the corner and get put off of the D bus for being too loud but at some point we respected our elders. Now I am not saying that we respected elders all of the time but we offered respect first. Respect is earned and not given but still, we respected ourselves enough to act a little like we had some home training.

Why did a Lady on the train look like the lion from cats and she thought she was so cute....and then had the NERVE to ask me if I was hot in my Hijab (head cover). I kindly asked her if she was hot in her hair weave...I know it was wrong but I think I had a dunya (pre-Islam) flash back. But there she was standing there with her horrible blond weave and her Mr Mistofolies fake fur coat that looked like it had the mange, looking down on me and feeling sorry for me...Feel sorry for me because I have a raggedy car, feel sorry for me cause I am broke until Friday but do not feel sorry for me because I wear a scarf on my head- in the winter- when people normally bundle up.....

Why am I so not in the mood for the Black Friday shopping madness- I want sales and good prices but not the get up early and fist fight your neighbor for that leather jacket or latest video game...needless to say, I am so not excited BUT I will be there anyway, like the rest of the people who are feeling the effects of this horrible economy.

Why is gas cheaper and food more expensive?!?!?

Why was I the only Black parent at my daughters school for the IMPACT Silver Spring Program...everyone else was from Ethiopia or Eritrea...Is it that we don't care about how to get our kids to do well on school? IMPACT is a program that specializes in reducing achievement gaps in schools. Black kids have the highest percentage of students doing satisfactory but we are trailing behind in the advanced levels. We are dead last behind- bi-lingual students, students who do not speak English at all. I wonder why? I REALLY did not want to go to that meeting, I did not feel like it at all, but I am glad I went anyway....So maybe my kids will stay ahead in school and do better than the less than fabulous job I did...