Wednesday, May 9, 2007

How To Get Annoyed in 15 minutes

Well , this morning was one of those, don't bother me mornings, and after 5 minutes of being on the metro I was so irritated that I could not stand myself. I get on at the first stop of the train. I always sit in the same spot every morning and see the same people. Well today, since I decided to sleep in, I was on a later train, which was not crowed at all. I sat in my usual seat, and was very comfortable. A well dressed, 400lb woman got on and sat next to me. Any other day, when I am on a crowded train, there would not be a problem. But when she sat next to me, my size 20 hips and her unknown largeness began to war on the arm rests of the seats.

Being polite, I waited a stop or two then I got up to stand. It made no sense to me to sit there and have the circulation of my right leg, cut off because I was there first. So she says to me, "Honey, you did not have to get up! I don't stink." Now mind you, I have said nothing to her, I just wanted to stand to let the blood return to the foot that had been starving for oxygen. So I said, " I needed to stand, my foot fell asleep, sorry if you thought I was being rude. " I know a hijab wearing Muslim women is always under a microscope for anything to be negative on Islam, and If she had left the conversation at that, we would have been fine. But it is Wednesday and she must have been mad because she had her own issues... So she says back to me " If I were you, I would be glad that someone wanted to sit next to me and not be afraid that you were going to blow them-up. " At this point, you could have fried your breakfast on my head...I simply said, there is not enough C-4 in the world that could do anything but give you a slight rash." The doors opened and I got off the train and walked into work. See she started it...

I should get on tomorrow at the same time to finish our conversation.....Why do people have to go there. I am black women, why do people always assume that any Muslim is a terrorist. She was the one who terrorized me...

Thanks for the mass hysteria, Mr.. Bush!


Umm Amirah said...

OMG--i can't believe her!! I personal adore the fact that I can sit on mass transit ALONE. I could careless who wants to/or doesn't want to sit next to me. More leg, arm, breathing room for me. The audasity of some people. I'd like to see how the rest of the conversations goes when you see her again.

Anonymous said...


deep breath