Tuesday, June 19, 2007

More METRO Antics

As I arrived to the Greenbelt Metro Station at 7:30, I was elated that I made it to the Metro early. I walked to the platform to see about 200 people waiting for the train. There was a problem at the West Hyattsville Station. So once the train arrived I waited patiently for the train to stop and the doors to open. As the doors opened, I was pushed by a mob of people to get in the train. I sat in the first seat I saw. I looked around the train, there was not one seat open. As we pulled into College Park, it looked just like Greenbelt. So as we went through the rest of the stops more people filled the train until we stooped at Columbia Heights. At this time, there is a short, chubby lady standing in front of me, and as the people squeezed in the train her face was very displeased.

She says to me " I know these people are not trying to push me, I'm gonna push back in a minute." She proceeded to push back as the doors closing announcement came on. One good shove and a small Asian woman and a tall slim man were pushed off and the doors slammed in their face. We laughed all the way to Gallery Place. I needed that laugh this morning.


Umm Amirah said...

**really it's unfortunate that people push--but i'm sure it was commical**