Thursday, April 8, 2010

Are you connected?

This weekend I spent three days with some phenomenal women which helped to put things into perspective. I am a member of Gamma Gamma Chi Sorority Inc, which is a group of women that strive for the pleasure of Allah(swt) through sisterhood, scholarship, leadership and community service...Which means to me- do everything in life with that purpose. I socialize with them, work in the community with them and collaborate with them during my usual day to day life. This sorority has been one of the best things that I could been blessed with. I have found some women in which I can grow and develop with.

So, during this weekend I reconnected with friends that I have not seen in years and some friends that I only see during this conference. I truly enjoyed myself as I do always. We sat, laughed, shopped and enjoyed the time together. I was reminded by "Ummie" that we as young people do not rely on our elders in the community for anything...Not for advice, not for help, not for anything. So I ask, are you using your community connections, I know I am not using all of mine...BUT I WILL! Will I be calling you?!?!