Tuesday, December 30, 2008

OK...Here are my BOGGLES of the day

Why do people get on crowed elevators with Body Odor?!?!?!And then look around like everyone else when someone says "Hey something really smells.." And then suddenly the air clears when the stinky one gets off on their floor and the air clears!?!?! IF YOU STINK...TAKE THE STAIRS!!!

Why do people take advantage of "Jeans Day" at work and then come to work looking a hot mess...and why do people wear jeans with tight shirts and sweaters and they have an over baked muffin top rolling over their belts...AND WHY DO THEY PULL THOSE BELTS SO TIGHT IN THE FIRST PLACE...

Why do people still get dressed in a bathroom stall at the gym? No one is looking at you dress!?!?!

How come when people who you are talking to stop talking back, do you still keep talking?!?!?

Why do people put purses in the only seat on the Metro and then catch an attitude when someone asks them to move it so they can sit down??!?!?

Why do people still wear white eyeliner?!?!?

Why do people wear false eyelashes and then do not do their hair??????

Why do people still outline their lips with black eyeliner and then add a thick layer of Vaseline for the sheen?!?!?!? Makes me want to ask where is the greasy fried chicken?????

Why do people wear wigs that look like a cat with the mange or a sponge...?

Why do people draw their eyebrows on with a ruler...MAKING 2 DASHES ON THEIR FOREHEAD, BUT do not shave the real eyebrows off?!?!! Who do u think your fooling?!?!

What happened to moaners?

Monday, December 1, 2008

Why Part 2-

These are my opinions- disclaimer-LOL

Every now and then I see Muslims on METRO or in the community at various places and they do not seem very happy. I know this may seem like a cliche but what happened to the Sadaqa of a smile...Most of the time I see Muslimah's (Because most of the time the Muslim walk around looking like everyone else, so I do not know who is who until they give Salaams-that is another subject) walking around looking so "oppressed" for a lack of a better word. Then someone see's me and I usually try to smile, even when I don't feel like it, and then they usually ask me if they can ask me a question. Most of the time the question is about Hijab( head cover) or Niqqab (face cover) but the second question usually comes about why we look so sad and "oppressed".

Here is my thought on that...A smile is considered sadaqa (charity), I know I am not in a position to give financially as much as I want to right now but I always have a smile to give. Even when you are in a nasty, bad and irritated mood you have to return a smile for a smile. My daughter reminds me of that all the time. So SISTERS, SMILE sometimes.

The next question most popular question is why are American Muslims so poor...I am not poor by any means and it has nothing to do with money. I have been blessed repeatedly and I continue to be blessed by Allah...I have a lot to smile about. But it is the Sunnah to be clean and neat. WHO SAID IS WAS ISLAMIC TO WALK AROUND LOOKING LIKE WHO DONE IT...Jelbab all dirty and torn, Sisters walking around with filthy children speaking in Arabic to them and yelling, Sisters all covered and as nasty as you please. What happened to taking pride in how you look? I am not saying every woman should walk around attracting attention to themselves. There is nothing wrong with wearing an all black jelbab and hijab/niqqab and guarding your gaze but...who said it was cool to be tattered and torn. I had a sister tell me that I was too worldly because I did not want a jelbab that I had for a long time because it was raggedy at the bottom, and I should be grateful to have any clothing at all...

Well this is what I said to her and this is what I say to anyone who asks...It is Sunnah to want the best in this life and the next. You don't get extra points towards entrance to heaven because your acting all poor and third world...only giving your children raw veggies to eat AND sending your kids out hungry and then they end up begging other people in the neighborhood for food...or if your child looses a shoe, you refuse to buy the child new shoes and make them go in the winter in flip-flops...or choosing to take a Qu'ran class and leave them in the car outside of the masjid because you can not afford a babysitter...Home schooling your children and treating them like small adults and not allowing them to be children...

You know what that says to non-Muslims...I do not want to be no Muuslim if they live like that! So tell me, those who claim to be better than me because I like to wear lip gloss and bright colored clothing....What do you think will be judged harsher on the day of judgement...the turning off of the Deen people by your actions or my lip gloss?!?!?!

Islam is a simple way of life, we humans make it harder than it has to be. We have a guide The Qu'ran and we have the best example The Prophet-salahi was salaam- why do we need to put unrealistic restraints on ourselves.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The State of Our Community


Why do black girls think it is cute to be loud and crude in public? Who said that was even a little bit cute? I would break my foot off in my daughter if I caught her acting like that in public...I am not saying I was perfect when I was a teenager, but I knew when and where to show my tail and get ugly. Yeah we usta fight on the corner and get put off of the D bus for being too loud but at some point we respected our elders. Now I am not saying that we respected elders all of the time but we offered respect first. Respect is earned and not given but still, we respected ourselves enough to act a little like we had some home training.

Why did a Lady on the train look like the lion from cats and she thought she was so cute....and then had the NERVE to ask me if I was hot in my Hijab (head cover). I kindly asked her if she was hot in her hair weave...I know it was wrong but I think I had a dunya (pre-Islam) flash back. But there she was standing there with her horrible blond weave and her Mr Mistofolies fake fur coat that looked like it had the mange, looking down on me and feeling sorry for me...Feel sorry for me because I have a raggedy car, feel sorry for me cause I am broke until Friday but do not feel sorry for me because I wear a scarf on my head- in the winter- when people normally bundle up.....

Why am I so not in the mood for the Black Friday shopping madness- I want sales and good prices but not the get up early and fist fight your neighbor for that leather jacket or latest video game...needless to say, I am so not excited BUT I will be there anyway, like the rest of the people who are feeling the effects of this horrible economy.

Why is gas cheaper and food more expensive?!?!?

Why was I the only Black parent at my daughters school for the IMPACT Silver Spring Program...everyone else was from Ethiopia or Eritrea...Is it that we don't care about how to get our kids to do well on school? IMPACT is a program that specializes in reducing achievement gaps in schools. Black kids have the highest percentage of students doing satisfactory but we are trailing behind in the advanced levels. We are dead last behind- bi-lingual students, students who do not speak English at all. I wonder why? I REALLY did not want to go to that meeting, I did not feel like it at all, but I am glad I went anyway....So maybe my kids will stay ahead in school and do better than the less than fabulous job I did...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

New Group Site for Muslimah's

Hey Sisters,

There is a new site for Muslimah's to learn and share information about the Deen-Al-Haqq. It is for Sisters only, sorry fellas. Here is the link to request to join. Its small now but just imagine what it will be like soon!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Another Soap Box Blog

I was listening to the Russ Parr Show this morning. They were discussing the educational system of the US. We do not have to be rocket scientists to see that there is a problem all over the Continental US with our educational system. As a former teacher and a current parent I can not begin to discuss what the brilliant idea for repairing the school system should be. BUT! There was a dude that called into the show that was a complete idiot. He said something like... if the students were not doing well in High School courses like chemistry and algebra they should be transferred into trade schools. WELL MR ELITIST! I WAS A VERY POOR STUDENT IN THE 9TH GRADE AND I AM NOW A COLLEGE GRAD AND HAVE DONE VERY WELL. HOW DARE YOU!!!!!! You condemn the school system and then punish people who suffer the consequences of the poor educational brand of the US. WOW....That made me so angry! Well, Mr. put every dumb kid out of school and enroll them in trade school, I did poorly in algebra and chemistry, so I guess I should be a carpenter like Jesus and not aspire for greatness. Isn't that what the Malcolm X's teacher told him...what makes you any different from any other racist person in the world....

I think anyone with the "BALLS" to go into a high school and work hard to finish with a diploma weather an -A student or a -D student should have the opportunity to finish. I know that this waist of DNA is not alone in his for all of you believers of the "Talented 10th" need to find an island.

Here is a tip! If you teach these students life skills and encourage them maybe they will find the energy to care about learning despite the fact that most of the community members only care that the kids in the neighborhood don't destroy their personal property. Lets teach these kids some business savvy skills that they can use instead of them learning how to run the local street pharmacy. Maybe someone should take some time to invest in our future. Maybe I will since not too many people care enough that this is a generation of the next professionals like doctors, lawyers, computer specialists, artists etc.....This is how we got George re-elected. Because not enough people care..........

So Mr ELITIST take that!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Thanks Soror for the Henna Paranoia

My Friend and Soror said this weekend to a group of us, "I don't get henna on the outside of my hand because it draws too much attention..." And so a group of us looked at her like she was crazy. Well....Thanks Soror for the paranoia...I went to Starbucks yesterday and today each time having a new discussion about the floral designs on my hand, and I was being reserved and only got 1 design. Next time I think I will do the inside of my hand and arm instead. I guess my deen is growing because I got really annoyed when I was asked about the henna. Before I would have liked the attention.

Vit. B Shot for my deen

This weekend I went to Masjid As-Saffat's Women's Conference in Baltimore. Last years conference was kind of wack but this year was alhamdulillah! I enjoyed myself to the fullest! I shopped, I ate good seafood and I had a good time with friends all while I was getting reacquainted with the deen al-haqq..... I have never had thoughts of reversion back to jahiliah but I have been backsliding a little on prayer and my responsibility to the community and my family. My kids are not going to an Islamic school right now so I NEED TO GET BACK INTO BEING THEIR FIRST TEACHER IN ISLAM. This weekend gave me the boost and redirection back on the straight course. The sessions were so good and this year they did a recording of all of the session so you can listen to them all. Watch out world here come some empowered Muslimah's. As women we are the back bone to the community so if we are weak our community will be weak to...

Here are a few things that I was reminded of:

~The last third of the night is the best time to make duaa because Allah ta ala ascends to the lowest heaven and their are hadiths that say that duaas made during this time are usually granted.

~Sunnah prayers after the Fard Salat count toward making up missed prayers.

Hopefully this renewed thirst for knowledge will last will last.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What a dilema!

What am I going to do....I am going to vote in less than 6 hours and I have no idea if I am going to vote for Hillary or Barak....While I am excited about the prospect of change and setting new history, I am torn between the 2....Oh what should I do?!?!?!?!?!

I think I am going to write myself in as a canidate. You think I will win? You know, I enjoyed listening to Al Sharpton, and I agreed with everything he said. But, I have to say, Brother cut that perm off.........then we may take you seriously. I think I am excited about the prospect of having a beautiful black women being in the White House and not having to use knee pads. I think Michelle will make a wonderful first lady. But if Hillary wins what does that make Bill! What are we going to call him?!?!?!? The First Gentleman? What am I going to do!!!!!